Media & Speaking


Dr. Robbins would be happy to share one (or more) of his inspiring messages of wellness & empowerment at your next event. He also enjoys sharing his wellness & empowerment ideas through interviews, soundbites, and quotations to video and print media by request.

His decades of experience as a wellness practitioner, entrepreneur, community and professional leader, coupled with his own life experiences, challenges and triumphs, combine to offer unique stories and lessons of wellness & empowerment through means of self-responsibility that will create measurable and memorable results for your audience.

Dr. Robbins customizable signature speeches include:

Eagle Mode: Where Air is Rare!
Focusing on commitment, elevation, & change – discover why the world’s top bird is an amazing example of empowerment, grit, and potential fulfilled.  We all possess “Eagle Excellence” within.

Conditions of the Heart: 5 Traits for Living a Heart-Healthy Life
The metaphorical heart – the essential core of our being. These “heart conditions” lead to a guaranteed prognosis of greater inspiration, self-empowerment, and self-improvement.

The Power of 3: How 3 Small Daily Actions Create Powerful Results
Learn from inspirational stories and real-world examples how  3 small and consistent actions can result in huge and  powerful results.

How to Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life Success
Learn from stories of struggle, suffering, success and balance as Dr. Robbins shares the combination that will unlock current limitations. This talk is a journey on the essentials for having a successful personal and professional life.

Mindfulness in Motion: 3 Time-Tested Techniques to Conquer Stress Forever
Learn simple and effective stress-relieving techniques that can be used at work, home, or wherever and whenever stress is a factor!

Presentation Formats Include:

Session Speech
Opening Keynote
Closing Keynote
Weekend Booking (up to 4 sessions)

Dr. Robbins is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Honorarium fees range depending on duration, attendee count, and proximity of event. Transportation, round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations are required for booking.

To see if your company, organization, or group would be a good fit to have Dr. Robbins speak, please send an e-mail to In the subject line please write Speaking Request. In the e-mail please address the following seven points regarding your event.  Dr. Robbins or a member of his team will get back to you as soon as possible:

-Type of speaking engagement (keynote, session speech, or multiple speech request)
-Theme & title of event
-Date & location of event
-Audience demographics & size
-List of other speakers or past speakers
-Organization website

Thank you for reading…Dr. Robbins hopes to connect with you soon!