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Dr. Robbins would be happy to share one (or more) of his inspiring messages of wellness & empowerment at your next big event. He also enjoys sharing his wellness & empowerment ideas through interviews, soundbites, and quotations to video and print media by request.

His decades of experience as a wellness practitioner, entrepreneur, community and professional leader, coupled with his own life experiences, challenges, and triumphs, combine to offer unique stories and lessons of wellness & empowerment through means of self-responsibility that will create measurable and memorable results for your audience.

Dr. Robbins Signature Speeches (customized) include:

Eagle Mode: Where the Air is Rare!
Commitment, Elevation & Change: Discover why the world’s top bird is an amazing example of empowerment, grit, and potential fulfilled.  We all possess “eagle excellence” within.

Conditions of the Heart: 5 Traits for Living a Heart-Healthy Life
The metaphorical heart – the essential core of our being. These “heart conditions” lead to a prognosis of guaranteed empowerment and self-improvement.

The Power of 3: How 3 Small Daily Actions Create Incredibly Powerful Results
Inspirational stories and real-world examples instill how small, consistent actions can result in achieving huge and empowering goals.

Mindfulness in Motion: 5 Time-Tested Techniques to Conquer Stress Forever
Learn simple and effective stress-relieving techniques that can be used at work, home, or whenever stress is a factor!

Presentation Formats Include:

Session Speech
Opening Keynote
Closing Keynote
Weekend Booking (up to 4 sessions)

Dr. Robbins lives in Minneapolis and regularly does paid speaking engagements. Honorarium fees range depending on duration, attendee count, and proximity of event. Transportation, round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations are required for booking.

We are in the process of updating Dr. Robbins’ professional speaker reel and will be adding it here soon.

To see if your company, organization, or group would be a good fit to have Dr. Robbins speak, please send an e-mail to In the subject line please write Speaking Request. In the e-mail answer the following seven points regarding your event. Dr. Robbins or a member o his team will get back to you as soon as possible:

-Type of speaking engagement (keynote, session speech, or multiple speech request)
-Theme & title of event
-Date & location of event
-Audience demographics & size
-List of other speakers or past speakers
-Organization website

Thank you for reading…Dr. Robbins hopes to connect with you soon!