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121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color

by Larry Mansfield Robbins, BA, M.Ed. & Dr. Juneau Kipola Robbins

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121 Tips On Raising A Child Of Color is a candid collection of thought provoking quotes, examples, and encouragement for parents, guardians, mentors, or anyone involved in raising a child. It is the first book of its kind written by a father-son combination of color. The advice within is moral, time-tested, and uplifting, destined to inspire generations. The tips are clear, practical, and easily implemented into everyday life without hassle.


Let love for your child re-prioritize your priorities. Loving your child and being a good parent is priority #1!  In what ways do I need to re-prioritize my goals in life to make sure my child is at the top of my list?

Ingrain in your child the notion they are tomorrow’s leadership. With leadership comes great responsibility.  What am I doing today to prepare my child for the challenge of leadership tomorrow? 

Put a dollar a day away for your child everyday of their life; give them the lump sum for their 18th birthday.  Am I adding at least seven dollars a week to my child’s savings to help them get started in life.


“121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color offers advice not to be missed!”Insight News

 “Thought provoking questions!” –The Pioneer Press

 “The tips are universal and can apply to any child!”The Chatham Daily News

 “…small, inexpensive and very inspirational!” –Black Parenting Today Magazine

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“Within the mindset and dedication of a child’s guardian lies the rise or fall of a nation.” –Dr.Juneau Robbins

     THE CHALLENGE OF RAISING A CHILD OF COLOR; the image immediately conjures distinctly different images in the minds of people the world over. Struggle, admiration and respect, or fear, loathing and laziness. Whatever your opinion, children of color, be they Black, Hispanic, or any other non-white race, are suffering. The time is ripe for parents of “minority” children to re-dedicate themselves to proficient parenting, thereby raising the standard of a rising minority nation.

     Like crops left unharvested in a farmer’s field, left to stand long into the fall season, the life-potential of many children of color is withering. Morals are misplaced at a time when HIV infection is epidemic amongst our youth. Love is lacking at at time when young people need to learn, and live, love the most. Guidance and discipline have become the responsibility of society at a time when they need be taught at home. Self-preservation and self-satisfaction have become the order of the day…but all is not lost.

     When a farmer’s crop is left to stand long into the fall season, long after the peak of its potential has expired, that crop slowly begins to decompose, die, and fall to the ground. With the passing of time, those same soil.ridden, decaying crops begin to act as fertilizer, energizing and vitalizing the nutrient-depleted soil. The following year that same soil gives rise to a new generation of super crops, sprouting taller, stronger and more bountiful than before. Rotten regenerates to ripe.

    The same concept can hold true for the world’s children of color, regardless of social or economic situation. our children of today, impressionable and innocent, will become the leaders of tomorrow. Future leaders need the support of a solid foundation, morally, socially, spiritually, economically and intellectually. The followers of tomorrow will need the same solid foundation, lest they easily be lead astray. it is a guardian’s responsibility to give birth to this foundation.

     121 Tips On Raising A Child Of Color contains simple, but powerful, parenting advice intended to help create such a foundation. DO NOT LET THE SIMPLICITY OF THE WORDS FOOL YOU!



Larry Mansfield Robbins was a retired educator and city politician in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Prior to his passing in 2012, he was deeply involved in community and charity affairs. Though he held several positions of prominence throughout his life, he considered the successful rearing of two well-adjusted children among his greatest achievements. Every year since his passing a portion of sales from 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color go the Larry Mansfield Robbins Scholarship Fund.


Dr. Juneau Robbins is a practicing chiropractor and wellness expert. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he is a strong advocate of self-reliance and empowerment through means of self-responsibility. He is the recipient of several professional honors and has has appeared on media affiliates of ABC News, NBC News, and USA Today as a wellness expert. He currently resides in the United States Midwest with his wife and son.


121 Tips On Raising A Child Of Color may be the only parenting book in the world with a 110% money-back guarantee*.  While written with an audience of color in mind, the concepts and principles for parenting success contained within are applicable to all people.

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Why such a generous offer and guarantee?  It’s our way of assuring you that – in the remote possibility your situation is so unique or difficult that not even the best time-tested principles in 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color can help – you won’t have to pay for something you can’t use.

If you honestly can’t benefit from the clear, concise, and simple lessons shared in 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color, you shouldn’t have to pay! It’s just that simple.

So, test 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color for yourself, then feel free to send us your testimonial and story.  If you are not 100% satisfied after reading and implementing the tips let us know, and you can receive a prompt and courteous 110% refund of the entire product price.

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121 Tips Cover (925x)

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