Larry Mansfield Robbins Scholarship

Larry Mansfield Robbins

Every year since his passing in 2012 we have honored my father, Larry Mansfield Robbins, by awarding a modest scholarship in his name. The funds are awarded to a deserving college or university student possessing a vision and heart to help uplift the lives of others.

Larry Mansfield Robbins was a retired educator and small city politician who left a positive imprint and legacy in the lives of many. He would have valued the opportunity to contribute to the higher education of others. Here are some of our scholarship winners below!

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Prior to his passing I was honored to co-write a powerful parenting tip book with my father titled 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color. It was the first book of it’s kind written by a father-son combination of color. Every year we use funds raised from the sale of this book to contribute to the Larry Mansfield Robbins Scholarship fund.

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Attractively packaged and priced to please, 121 Tip on Raising a Child of Color offers moral, time-tested and uplifting guidance destined to inspire all children. Years later we realized the lessons of self-reliance shared within are equally empowering for parents and guardians. The advice within is practical and easily applied to everyday life.


Let love for your child re-prioritize your priorities. Loving your child and being a good parent is priority #1!  In what ways do I need to re-prioritize my goals in life to make sure my child is at the top of my list?

Ingrain in your child the notion they are tomorrow’s leadership. With leadership comes great responsibility.  What am I doing today to prepare my child for the challenge of leadership tomorrow? 

Put a dollar a day away for our child everyday of their life; give them the lump sum for their 18th birthday.  Am I adding at least seven dollars a week to my child’s savings to help them get started in life?

Children mimic what they see, not what they are told. Your child’s actions will reflect their environment.  Does my everyday lifestyle reflect the behavior I want my child growing up to exhibit?


“121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color offers advice not to be missed!” —Insight News

 “Thought provoking questions!” –The Pioneer Press

 “The tips are universal and can apply to any child!” —The Chatham Daily News

 “…small, inexpensive and very inspirational!” –Black Parenting Today Magazine

As a fundraiser for the Larry Mansfield Robbins Scholarship fund we are offering signed copies of 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color for the purchase price of $11.95 US plus $3.05 shipping and handling (in the continental United States and Canada). A percentage of net proceeds from every book sold will go directly to the Larry Mansfield Robbins Scholarship fund.

To order your dedicated copy of 121 Tips on Raising a Child of Color please click the link below. Thank you in advance for your support!

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